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27 November 2012


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When I first heard of Zumba, I thought it sounded right up my street as I love Latin American music and am an enthusiastic dancer at parties. Within weeks of going to the first session at the start of 2012, I was hooked. It's a great buzz - I especially love the Latin grooves and the great atmosphere. My fitness and coordination have all improved, and I'm better able to tackle the hills around Huddersfield when I go cycling. It even helps me in my other job as a singer, stamina wise. These days, I just couldn’t do without my Zumba fix.


Having been a participant at tALkactive's Modern Pilates classes for a number of years, Anne and Karen encouraged me to get qualified as a Pilates instructor. I'm so pleased they did - I love it!

I find that doing both Zumba and Modern Pilates back to back is an excellent combination workout. Pilates helps to address the postural and strength issues that can cause bad backs, hips, knees etc., with which many people struggle.

Over the years, I have noticed considerable postural changes, as well as improved balance and core strength. Everyone should do it!


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