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16 July 2012


Posted in The Team


I first entered into the fitness world as I was trying to lose weight after having my two children. I enrolled with Weight Watchers and as the pounds dropped off I felt that I needed to tone up, so started to think about running – this amazed all the people that know me, as I was probably the last person they would ever think would take this up. How wrong they were, I got the bug and boy did it grip me!!

I started with a mixture of walking and jogging, slowly building up to eventually being able to run for a whole 25 minutes. At the beginning the mere thought of that made me sweat, but it really is amazing how easy it is to improve week on week. I find running really energising and a great stress reliever, I love being out in the fresh air with a great bunch of people, encouraging each other and having fun.

I became a run leader with UK Athletics because I really want to help others, introducing them to running and supporting them as they progress, whilst having a good natter of course! As well as having two children I have a very understanding partner, I work full time driving up and down the country but it's out in the countryside running off the stress where I'm happiest.

I am easy going and I should also mention that I take things at a steady pace, although my addiction to chocolate does give me a sugar rush from time to time!!

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